Why choose Lite Linke as your fibre optic partner?

In the fibre optic business for more than 20 years, Lite Linke manufactures and supplies MTP® connectivity, containment and cabling solutions from its state-of-the-art facility in North Wales.

Delivering MTP® Elite solutions at light speed

Our mission is to be recognised as the leading provider of MTP® solutions in Europe and we believe that the principles that characterise our business make that mission achievable.

Products customised to your needs

Best for Quality

We supply the best quality solution at a price that offers superb value for money. At Lite Linke we use only US CONEC’s highest grade (Elite) components and our technicians and engineers learn best practice directly from them.

We also work with state-of-the-art equipment  recommended by US CONEC including Daisi-MT interferometers, Domaille polishing machines and Optek System’s laser cleaver.

service from lite linke

Best for Service

Our products are customised: whatever length, grade or colour of cable a customer needs and whatever connector option is required, we will supply the material to those exact specifications. In addition, we can fulfil an order in superfast time – indeed at light speed!

We pride ourselves on short lead times meaning that our customers will receive their order within days, rather than weeks.


Best for Innovation

We bring together the skills of designers and engineers in addressing industry challenges and are constantly innovating and looking at new materials and ways of working to offer the best solutions for our  customers.

Best for service

Best for Integrity

We are approachable, reliable people who enjoy our work and take pride in delivering consistently high standards for our customers.

Client Endorsement

The main reasons for the longevity of this supplier relationship are they are extremely competitive in the market place in terms of cost, they have high quality and reliable products and managed with great customer service.

Simon – UK Data Centre Manager

MTP® is a registered trademark of US CONEC Ltd

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