Pre-Terminated MTP® Harness Assembly


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Ruggedised Harnesses or Fan-outs, as they’re sometimes known, allow the direct connection between MTP® adapters and other connector types.

Typical use for these assemblies is for QSFP 40G SR4 connectivity where the break-out units split into 8x fibres or 4x 10G channels and are interoperable between differing QFSP manufacturers. Other configurations are MTP® 12/24f into 12/24 sub-unit tails. The harnesses can even be made with up to 24x LC

connectors at both ends of the assembly. They enable direct patching from the MTP® port on the switch to MTP® Cassettes and are readily available to custom length at short notice.

LC simplex and duplex are the most popular though mini-LC (mSFP) with its 5.25 pitch, plus other conventional connector types such as SC, ST or FC/PC are also available. There are also a choice of strain relief boots; flexi-boot, short or standard options. The Flexi-boot not only provides the smallest bend radius it also reduces the need for cable management as the boot is simply positioned into the desired direction and is retained. The LC HD Uni-Boot is our most compact solution which provides two fibres into a single tube with the added benefit of a switchable LC pull tab enabling removal of the connector without disturbing neighbouring ports.

The switchable function allows for changing of polarity of the LC connector post manufacture.

MTP® harnesses are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality components.

View Full PDF Datasheet