MTP Multi Lite Trunk Assemblies


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MTP® Multi-Lite Trunk assemblies are a neat solution for providing up to four MTP®-MTP® links within a compact, high density ruggedised cable.

The cable construction consists of four ruggedized 12f tubes over-sheathed with a LSZH jacket. Two layers of Kevlar® form the reinforcement and provide ample mechanical resistance beyond expected installation handling.

The benefit becomes the ease of installation with managing one cable rather than four cables. Also, with an outer diameter of 9mm, installing an MTP® Multi-Tuff trunk saves space with cable routing.

QSFP Cable Harnesses

The Multi-Lite Trunks can be configured not only as permanent links but also for QSFP cable links for SR4 and CXP parallel optics applications.

As these style of assemblies cater for up to 48f, the MTP® connectors can be split into: 4x 12f MTP® to 4x 12f MTP®, 2x 24f MTP® to 2x 24f MTP®, 2x 24f MTP® to 4x 12f MTP®, 2x 24f MTP® to 3x 16f MTP®.

Hybrid assemblies from multi-MTP® connectors at one end to LC connectors at the opposite end are also available, for example 2x 24f MTP® to 48 LC Connectors.

Manufactured within our state-of the-art termination facility where meticulous attention provides assured quality and peace of mind. From our North Wales base, fast-manufacturing turnaround is our speciality with custom length assemblies made within days of ordering.

View Full PDF Datasheet