MTP Multi Tuff Trunk Assemblies

MTP Multi Tuff Trunk MTP Assemblies

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MTP® Multi-Tuff Trunk assemblies offer exceptional fibre counts from 48f up to 144f, all contained within one robust trunk link assembly.

Typical configurations of up to 12x 12f MTP® to 12x 12f MTP® or 6x 24f MTP® to 6x 24f MTP® assemblies can be provided. The Multi-Tuff trunk provides exceptional durability when compared to traditional MTP® trunk cable, with a crush resistance of 2000N and tensile strength in excess of 1500N.

The colour coded tails can either be left flush or staggered to fit a protection sock for prudent installation practices. The sock then fits to the break-out manifold ensuring the tensile loading is not on the fibres during or post installation.

The cable construction consists of up to 12x 12f tubes managed around a central strength member. The cable is packed with aramid yarn for added protection and an outer black LSZH universal jacket.

The manifold is fitted with a anti kink strain relief boot and with its threaded front, fits into a 20mm capillary much like a cable gland making these assemblies equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Manufactured within our state-of the-art termination facility where meticulous attention to detail provides assured quality and peace of mind.

From our North Wales base, fast-manufacturing turnaround is our speciality with custom length assemblies made within days of ordering.

View Full PDF Datasheet