Lite Linke MTP Chassis


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The Lite Linke MTP® chassis options are in a 1U or 3U format and are both housing for the premium grade, Lite Linke 24f MTP® cassettes. Both options provide a highly efficient fibre optic connectivity solution using MTP® to LC presentation. The tool-less and pluggable network eliminates the need for expensive on-site splicing and reduces installation time. *MTP® is a registered trademark of US CONEC Ltd.

Our 1U PPS injection moulded chassis provides housing for up to six ½U 24f cassettes. A fully loaded 1U chassis will contain 144f in LC adapter format to the front and twelve MTP® adapters to the rear.

The solution is best served by the use of LC HD Uni-boot switchable patch cords which are neatly managed by the four cable ring attached to the chassis front. Attachable cable management is also provided for the rear of the chassis.

View Full PDF Datasheet