Lite Linke Goes Completely Tool-less!

Lite Linke Goes Completely Tool-less!

We constantly strive to improve and enhance our products and solutions to benefit our customers. This is included recently updating our 1U MTP® Chassis system with two new features. The first feature is tool-less lanyards which are inputted directly on to the cable management guides. The lanyard provides stability and solidity to the product and also gives the ability to easily remove or attach the cable management guides from the chassis. The second enhancement we have added to our range are Rack Studs™.

These are a tool-less option to add your containment to your rack. This helps improve speed of installation with no screwdrivers used and eliminates the tedious use of cage nuts. Together the improvements make using a Lite Linke solution completely tool-less, providing an effortless installation.

If you would like to know more about Rack Studs™ then Click Here for a video preview.

Why Go Tool-less?

Lite Linke’s highly engineered, innovative products are all about Speed and Simplicity.

No tools are required to be able to install the Lite Linke solution.

Our Push. Click. Connect. Repeat process highlights the simplicity of the products’ design.

Everything connects instantly – improving speed, efficiency and ensuring effortless installation every time.

Watch Our Push Click Connect Repeat Video Here.