Game Changer

Lite Linke are proud to have sponsored CampZone in supplying them with our MTP® Elite Solution for their professional gaming event. “CampZone is the largest gaming event in the Netherlands. It takes no less than eleven days and is a true vacation, unlimited gaming, camping and socializing with your friends.”

The gaming event required large amounts of data and high internet speeds for the 2500+ that attended the event, using fibre optic assemblies was the best solution to fulfil their requirements. Lite Linke provided CampZone with a robust 12 fibre MTP® Tuff Trunk assembly, which was installed tower to tower as you can see in the below video. MTP® saved the installers time when it came to distributing the fibre across the event, usually they would run 4 to 6 duplex fibre links from tower to tower, by using our Lite Linke system they only needed to install 1 MTP® assembly. The other main benefit for the installers was the space saved in their custom built Wi-Fi hubs around the event. Rather than having numerous amounts of duplex fibre links, panels and enclosures within each Wi-Fi hub they could use  just  1 x MTP assembly coupled with 1 x Lite Linke MTP Cassette. Quicker installs, higher speeds, best solution… GAME CHANGER!