ISO9001:2015 Announcement

Over the last few months, Leader Optec has been working towards transitioning to the latest BS EN ISO9001;2015 quality management qualification.

Barry Williams, Quality Manager said ‘’ Not only was this our three year re-certification, it was also our transition year so I’m delighted to announce we passed with flying colours, with no non-conformances or observations. I’d like to thank all staff and the auditing team for their continued support.’’


By Paul Desmond, Managing Director of Leader Optec

Talk to data centre managers and the issue that keeps coming round is how to bolster their green credentials.

Data centres have been one of the biggest growth stories of the last ten years, mushrooming from virtually nothing to consuming anywhere between 3 and 5 per cent of the global electricity supply and accounting for around 2 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions. This puts the data centre industry on a similar footing to the aviation industry.

In the US, research by the Natural Resources Defence Council recently claimed that 34 power plants, each generating 500 megawatts of electricity, are required to power today’s data centres. It predicts that by 2020 the number of power plants needed will have increased to over 50.

There will continue to be an exponential growth in the number of data centres from the very large ones run by the major Cloud providers to the tens of thousands of other centres supporting business and government.

The challenge is how to make them as energy efficient as possible and one of the key ways to achieve this goal is to make the networking infrastructure as effective as possible.

One important consideration is the amount of space that is required. A typical rack in a data centre used to consume under 2kW of power, but it is no longer acceptable to expect customers to continue ramping up the space they need in order to meet their rising power requirements.

One trend is the increasing popularity of MTP technology over more conventional options. The adoption of MTP hyper high density modular design solutions can have a transformational impact on the efficiency of cabinet space with savings of up to 80 per cent. This translates into five times’ more fibre per cabinet.

While the space saving capability is one important consideration, there are a range of other key benefits in adopting MTP solutions.

Speed is one such factor – the completely tool-less solution can achieve 24 connections in less than a minute compared to up to 40 minutes using a single fibre pre-termination. This can build to 144 fibres in a 1U configuration.

Alongside space and time savings is the cost saving. According to US Conec, every square metre of floor space costs US$ 45,000.

Innovation and flexibility are the key as data centres face the challenge of meeting the world’s storage requirements.

Today’s data centres and those that are in the planning need to do everything they can to ensure they are fully future-proofed and, at the same time, green. They need to be able to meet the voracious demands of the Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things and high performance computing.

This means embracing smart solutions to deliver the connectivity, power and cooling necessary.

How a data centre is networked is now high on the agenda to minimise the environmental impact of a facility’s infrastructure. Today’s data centre design centres on reducing wastefulness, something measured by Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Managers strive to see how close they can get to zero wasted energy.

No one is underestimating the challenges facing those with responsibility for the world’s data centres as well as their stakeholders who include the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple.

On the one hand, they are having to keep pace with the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements of their customers – a big enough challenge in itself.

Alongside this they are expected to do everything they can to develop and protect their environmental credentials. Even organisations like Greenpeace recognise the size of the challenge facing the industry. Gary Cook, Greenpeace’s senior IT analyst, called it a “tremendous challenge”, adding: “If the sector simply grew on its current path without any thought as to where its energy came from, it would become a major contributor to climate change far beyond what it already is.”

Ian Bitterlin, one of the UK’s leading data centre experts and a visiting professor at the University of Leeds, says the amount of energy used by data centres is doubling every four years. Analysts are forecasting that data centres will consume roughly treble the amount of electricity over the next decade.

Leader Optec is also responding to a range of other challenges facing the sector. For example, we make a point of using recycled cable drums and work with some of our clients to collect and reuse their drums rather than allowing them to go to landfill.

As a company, we are also committed to recycling other products left after the installation process, and are currently working on the development of a wider initiative to help our customers and partners further reduce their carbon footprint.

The good news is that the industry is very much aware of the challenges it faces and strong collaboration between the various stakeholders will help to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Paul Desmond is the Managing Director of Leader Optec. The company’s Lite Linke suite of MTP Elite Solutions utilises best-in-class components, bespoke design and UK manufacturing to meet the challenges facing networks.

All of the MTP connectivity, containment and cabling solutions are manufactured from Leader Optec’s headquarters in St Asaph. Products include cassettes and chassis as well as assemblies and accessories.

Lite Linke Partners With France

Lite Linke is proud to announce the appointment of 0.3dB La Logistique de la Fibre Optique as our latest partner solution provider.

Established in 2003 and operating out of Marines, near Paris, the company is known as a fibre optic specialist with in-depth data centre know-how.

When trying to break into a new market or territory, it’s essential to have people with the knowledge, experience and the right approach to be your voice’’, said Paul Desmond.

‘’We felt Patrick and his team really understand what we’re about as a company and as a brand. The fit was excellent so we’re really pleased they’ve taken our range on-board.’’

0.3dB are able to provide the French market with the expertise, advice and support for the whole Lite Linke range.

On the announcement the President of 0.3dB, Mr Patrick Baudot said, “Since many years, our company 0.3dB is focused on MTP® product’s solutions and when we saw Lite Linke at ECOC exhibition, it was obvious we could be interested by working with.

This solution is an excellent new design which is a perfect alternative to the existing ones.

We are very pleased to be partner of the Lite Linke team and we will do our best to challenge our customers with this new solution”.

Lite Linke Broadens Its Distribution Channel!

Tierx Limited have partnered with Lite Linke to supply customers in Middle East and Africa with the complete “MTP® Elite Solutions’’ product range.  Hasan Unsal, Sales Director of Tierx Limited said of the partnership, “Our company has always focused on supplying customers with only the very best in fibre optic products and services.  When looking to distribute an MTP® solution and after extensive evaluation, we found that Lite Linke will provide customers with a high quality, genuine MTP® range way above other products on the market.  This partnership will strengthen our company’s offering to customers, giving us the ability to supply the complete end-to-end solution in fibre data centres’’.  

Paul Desmond, Lite Linke Managing Director commented on the partnership, ‘’Hasan really knows his market exceptionally well and is a highly respected individual and that comes across the first time you meet him. Tier-X will represent Lite Linke in a new region for us and we’re delighted to have their support.’’

Lite Linke Goes Completely Tool-less!

We constantly strive to improve and enhance our products and solutions to benefit our customers. This is included recently updating our 1U MTP® Chassis system with two new features. The first feature is tool-less lanyards which are inputted directly on to the cable management guides. The lanyard provides stability and solidity to the product and also gives the ability to easily remove or attach the cable management guides from the chassis. The second enhancement we have added to our range are Rack Studs™.

These are a tool-less option to add your containment to your rack. This helps improve speed of installation with no screwdrivers used and eliminates the tedious use of cage nuts. Together the improvements make using a Lite Linke solution completely tool-less, providing an effortless installation.

If you would like to know more about Rack Studs™ then Click Here for a video preview.

Why Go Tool-less?

Lite Linke’s highly engineered, innovative products are all about Speed and Simplicity.

No tools are required to be able to install the Lite Linke solution.

Our Push. Click. Connect. Repeat process highlights the simplicity of the products’ design.

Everything connects instantly – improving speed, efficiency and ensuring effortless installation every time.

Watch Our Push Click Connect Repeat Video Here.

Push. Click. Connect. Repeat

Lite Linke’s highly engineered, innovative products are all about Speed and Simplicity which means that no tools are required to be able to install the Lite Linke solution.

Our Push. Click. Connect. Repeat process highlights the simplicity of the products’ design and means everything connects instantly – improving speed, efficiency and ensuring effortless installation every time.

Lite Linke Adopts Huber & Suhner’s LC-XD Connector

We are delighted to announce that the LC-XD connector from Huber and Suhner is available on all Lite Linke harnesses and patch cords.

The LC-XD is a tool-less switchable high specification duplex connector with a push-pull extraction tab.

Other features include the clip-on ID label position and the off-centre pull-tab allowing for free vertical and horizontal cable movement at the rear.

The LC-XD is another perfect match for Lite Linke cassettes and a great addition to range from another trusted brand.

Lite Linke Appoints First European Distributor

Datop BV of The Netherlands is now appointed as Official Distribution Partner for Lite Linke. The company established twenty-two years ago operate out of Houten, near Utrecht.

Their broad knowledge of data communications, central location and wide stock portfolio makes them ideal as a partner for Lite Linke.

Stefan Mennes, Datop’s Commercial Director (pictured) said “We have excellent relationships with a number of data centres and already supply MTP connectivity, so when we saw the Lite Linke solution, we immediately felt it would be right for many of our DC applications’’.

‘’Stefan and his team have an excellent reputation for quality, service and technical support which makes them a perfect match for Lite Linke. We’re excited to have them represent the brand’’ commented Paul Desmond.

FIA Summer Seminar 2017

Lite Linke had further exposure at the FIA’s Summer Seminar where the solution was viewed by many industry professionals. Numerous positive comments were received on the compactness and simplicity of the Cassette and Chassis design.

After a very successful and informative exhibition, we would like to thank the FIA and everyone who attended and came to view our table top display.

For our next event, we will be attending the BICSI Conference 2017 next week in London.

Lite Linke at BICSI UK & Ireland Conference 2017

We’re delighted to announce an opportunity to see, touch and feel  our solution up close and personal at the BICSI UK & Ireland Conference.

The event held on Wednesday 14th June at London’s fabulous Barbican Conference Centre is set to provide the very latest thinking and best practice ideas on

Data Centre Network infrastructure.