Leader Optec Partner With The Number One MPO Test Equipment Manufacturer

At Lite Linke we have a history of committing to industry-leading technology and first-of-their-kind products. Developing one of the UK’s first MPO termination facilities in 2013 and our own Lite Linke MTP® solutions in 2015, we have been fervent in our strive for optical ingenuity, staying true to our mission to bring you Connectivity for the Future.

Founded in 1923, through a rich history of innovation VIAVI have established themselves as a world leader in fibre-optic and copper testing and the only company to offer test and assurance coverage that spans the entire industry. With their renowned dedication to developing and maintaining optical-firsts, we welcome them to the Lite Linke family.

With VIAVI we complete our MTP® suite with their best-in-class test and inspection equipment. Ensure lifetime connections at the push of a button with the industry’s first all-in-one MTP® Optical Loss Test Sets and Handheld Multi-Fibre Inspection and Analysis Tools.

With Lite Linke and VIAVI we pair unequalled termination and test expertise to offer the complete MTP® Elite solution, ensuring optimal connectivity today and tomorrow.

Game Changer

Lite Linke are proud to have sponsored CampZone in supplying them with our MTP® Elite Solution for their professional gaming event. “CampZone is the largest gaming event in the Netherlands. It takes no less than eleven days and is a true vacation, unlimited gaming, camping and socializing with your friends.”

The gaming event required large amounts of data and high internet speeds for the 2500+ that attended the event, using fibre optic assemblies was the best solution to fulfil their requirements. Lite Linke provided CampZone with a robust 12 fibre MTP® Tuff Trunk assembly, which was installed tower to tower as you can see in the below video. MTP® saved the installers time when it came to distributing the fibre across the event, usually they would run 4 to 6 duplex fibre links from tower to tower, by using our Lite Linke system they only needed to install 1 MTP® assembly. The other main benefit for the installers was the space saved in their custom built Wi-Fi hubs around the event. Rather than having numerous amounts of duplex fibre links, panels and enclosures within each Wi-Fi hub they could use  just  1 x MTP assembly coupled with 1 x Lite Linke MTP Cassette. Quicker installs, higher speeds, best solution… GAME CHANGER!

Manufacturing Demand leads to Additional Shift

Due to on-going success and growth of the manufacturing unit, the company has recently moved to a two shift system. Over the last twelve months manufacturing revenue has seen growth of over £500,000 and to cope with the extra demand a twilight shift was introduced for a trial period. This proved to be a success and from the beginning of June the company commenced  full two shifts, 6am-2pm & 2pm-10pm. Paul Davenport, Production Manager said, ‘We are, of course delighted and thanks to all staff for their cooperation during this change over. We see it as greatly beneficial to our customers where we can look to improve on our already fast turn-around. We’ve always been known for our quick response for UK made products and this demonstrates a clear plan on how to cope with added demand while maintaining customer satisfaction’’.

Lite Linke Product Enhancements

ID Labelling Plate

Lite Linke ID Labelling Solution for 1U Chassis is an injection moulded PPS plate that clips onto the cable management guides.

The plate has six labelling positions in-line with the six cassette positions and accommodates most standard 9mm patch panel strip labels

The ID labelling plate can be fitted to both the front and the rear of the chassis.

Blanking Plate

Injection moulded PPS blanking plates are fitted as standard to all 1U and 3U Chassis reducing loss of airflow from within the designated cabinet.

The easy fit and remove blanks complete the sleek aesthetics of each Chassis

1U Rear Cable Management Tray

The new Lite Linke 1U cable management tray provides heavier duty cable management to the rear of the Chassis.

Manufactured in cold rolled mild steel with a matt black powder coated finish, the tray has the benefit of numerous cable tie fixing positions in-line with the MTP adapters.

The management tray is attached in-lieu of the side fixing brackets retaining the ability to recess the front of the Chassis to 40mm or remain flush with the cabinet rails.